When your non-english major friends just don't understand

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Anonymous asked: Yes, and this fangirl fantasy stuff is exactly what people are worried about when he performs Hamlet; a bunch of school girl fan types thinking he's going to fall in love with them from a glance from the stage. So be it. Just try not to ruin the experience for everyone else by squealing and yelling.

I know Benedict Cumberbatch is never going to fall in love with me. I know I will not be a blip on his radar screen. That’s why I daydream about it because, I don’t know about your life, but mine can get difficult at some times. A silly fantasy like Benedict Cumberbatch falling in love with me brightens my day and keeps me going. 

I want to see Cumberbatch perform live because I think he’s a spectacular actor and I appreciate his craft. I always want to see a production of Hamlet because I like to see different interpretations of a piece of art and expand my view. I want to do that with any piece of literature or art but especially Hamlet because it is such a classic, wonderful play. I especially want to see Cumberbatch in Hamlet because I think it’s a role few actors can do right and I think he’s one of them. I don’t want to miss that.

Will I have a stupid big grin on my face when the lights go down and the show starts? Yes. (To be fair, I do that when I see any show.) Will I grab my friend’s hand tightly when Cumberbatch comes on stage? Hell yes. Will I also be a good audience member and hold my appreciation for the art that’s happening onstage until it is time to applaud? Also yes.

Being excited about a particular performer or performance and being respectful of participating in the group experience of seeing a show together are not mutually exclusive. Please don’t judge or condemn someone for being excited about something. 

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My friend just suggested that when we see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet that he might fall in love with me. Logically and realistically, I know that’s not going to happen, but I thought about Benedict smiling at me and my heart stopped for a minute.

I’m really excited because my friend is totally going along with me and getting as pumped as I am. This isn’t a “when we’re rich and famous, we’ll go back to London,” dream. We’re going to London again and to see my future husband in Hamlet, possibly the best play ever written. 

(I know we won’t even be leaving for over a year, but I don’t care. I am so pumped about this trip!!)

I’ll keep y’all updated as we make more plans and get more excited! Again, any cheap travel/housing tips are always appreciated!!

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