When your non-english major friends just don't understand

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(I was going to make a salad, but I wrote this instead. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me your honest but kind feedback. This is just a first draft with minimal editing. With this piece, though, I want to get it out to you immediately.)

Humans are meant to be held.
We know this. We know this from
the beginning. A baby will
scream and cry just to be

As we age, though, we
repress the urge
to do just that
when we need to be held.

The need for human touch only grows.
When we are children,
we want to be hugged
and held
and kissed on the forehead by our family.

Soon though,
remarkably soon,
other than our family members
holds us
and we realize how nice that is,

As soon as we reach
a new level of human contact,
the rest won’t do anymore.
Once we’ve had
our first kiss,
we ache for more.

So now imagine that you have been held.
Held in the best way.
Held in the most perfect way
for hours
for days
for months.

And then suddenly you’re not.

And then suddenly you’re not being

There is not a slow weening out of it.
Just an immediate
How is your body supposed to adjust to that?
How is your body
your body which needs to be held at minimum
your body which now knows it can be held perfectly
how is your body supposed to adjust to being not held?

I think that’s the core of heartbreak.

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any advice on getting short stories published?

I think the best way for a new writer to get published is to submit your work everywhere you can- contests, literary journals, magazines, etc. 

After a quick Google search, I found a few to start you on your literary quest. There’s the Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition and Carve Magazine. There are also glorious sites that list contests for you! There’s Aerogamme Writers’ Studio and this site that actually lists the contests by month according to their deadlines! Thank god there are people who put this information together for us.

While national contests will be easier to find online, the more local the contest, the better your chances will probably be (the whole big fish/small pond thing). Start small to gain recognition and, let’s be honest, practice! Good luck!!